Twitter and Gists

Actually Twitter has no guilt in this… Today I found out why Gists from Github weren’t showing up in my posts. And because a lot my readers will care about sharing code, I share this with you.

In my posts the Gists hold the key of things I want to share so there is no point in posting without it.

A quick trail and error revealed the problem only occured while viewing the post from the url that was posted on twitter on a mobile device…

I have enabled the feature “Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)” on wordpress. Everybody want to “Improve the loading speed of your site on phones and tablets” right?
Well not if important information is left out.

If you post your blogs on here is the link to the setting:

More information on AMP

Check how your page loads on mobile devices without it and if possible disable AMP. Because it is better to wait for information that few extra second(s) than show nothing really fast…

One little advise: Check the URL’s you have posted earlier if they end with ?amp=1 they won’t work anymore after you disable AMP.

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